Step by step instructions to Create a Wood Pallet Accent Wall

Wood highlight dividers have been prevalent for quite a while on account of the glow and surface they add to a room, imbuing it with a provincial lodge vibe. Since beds can be found or acquired for practically zero cost, they can be a reasonable alternative to totally change the look and feel of a room, in only an evening.  (Image: Shades of Blue Interiors) Things You'll Need: * Wood shipping pallets, 4 or more depending on wall size (HT stamp) * Reciprocating saw with 14 TPI metal-cutting saw blade * Orbital sander * Sandpaper, 150 grit * Oil-based stain, light gray (optional) * Rubber gloves * Scrap piece of cloth or rag * Stud finder * Cordless drill * 1 x 3 boards, 8 feet long, 6 or one for every stud on wall * Interior wood screws, 8 x 2 1/2 inches, approximately 50 * Measuring tape * Circular saw or miter saw * Cordless brad nailer or pneumatic nail gun * 1 3/4-inch nails, 18-gauge if using a cordless brad nailer * 1 x 3 board, 8

Occasion 2017 Paint Colors from our Catalog

Since we shoot in genuine homes, we are not generally at freedom to paint the dividers. In those cases, we have picked paint hues that best match the divider shading in the photograph. It would be ideal if you know that shading may differ because of different light conditions, complete and different elements. It's dependably an incredible plan to test a paint test on your divider first.  Tempe Star #SW 6229, Sherwin Williams  You don't need to beautify with an ocean of red and green to make a merry, occasion home. We adore utilizing blues in each shade - naval force, greenish blue, sky - as a background for metallic occasion improvements. To make some show, we picked a profound greenish blue, Sherwin Williams' Tempe Star. Metallics, silvers, and grays fly off this intense shading and skip around the room.  Urbane Bronze #SW 7048, Sherwin Williams  With stacking measurements of white and cream, there's no should be terrified of a